"A fabulous excursion into the deep mystery of evil"

- Errol Morris




"A virtuoso feat of documentary filmmaking."

- Hannah Brown, The Jerusalem Post



"Intimate, human, suspenseful, and terrifying, its momentum guided by individual self-delusion and the awful weight and facts of history"

- Ken Burns, Filmmaker



"The Decent One is the most haunting documentary I've ever seen."

- Andrew O'Hehir, Salon 



"Lapa’s unconventional approach is challenging for the audience."

- Renee Ghert-Zand, The Times of Israel



"I think The Decent One is an important, even compelling, contribution to Holocaust filmography. As racism and anti-Semitism continue to rise in Europe and the United States, understanding the life and mind of an anti-Semite who rationalized a way to murder so many people because of race is an educational imperative."

- Rose Pacatte, National Catholic Reporter



"The genius of The Decent One, Vanessa Lapa’s disturbing new documentary… is that she in no way tries to differentiate between the man and the monster."
- Sheerly Avni, The Forward 



"Lapa’s film is certainly a history lesson that will be worth the time of people. It’s certainly a lesson that aims to humanize the figure of Himmler in a way that doesn’t necessarily render him more human."

- Cinecola, Ireland




"The Decent One is one of the most important historiographic events in recent years. It causes the same chill like the recent film 'The act of killing' of Joshua Oppenheimer."

- El Mundo, Spain




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